A Cat’s Comfort In Each New Day

There’s a lot for me to take comfort in today. I have a lot to be grateful for. I try to begin my day thinking about those things before I head out the door into life’s normal but little aggravations.

Delayed subway trains, here in the city. I suspect overheated engines somewhere else. Or late school buses. Minor inconveniences, I guess.

We live across the street from a large city high school where kids from all over stream into school everyday. Susie, Delia and I all like to watch this spectacle each morning. Kids of different nationalities. Kids of different colors. Kids with different problems. Some kids with empty stomachs. Some, far too full. Some dressed only in designer clothes. Others, still wearing clothes attached to another world far away. But all of us–those kids, my cats and me–take comfort in our morning routines.

Waking up and moving into day. Finding purpose in the world. Dealing with flat tires and stalled tractors. Coaxing oxes through muddied fields. Chasing mice down cobbled streets. Groggy mornings are as old as man.

Being thankful for sunrise and taking comfort in that sense of God has always been with us.

Finding gratitude in each new day–no matter how I find the world outside–that is the gift Susie and Delia drop in my bed each day.

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