Amazon Has Managed To Delight Susie, Delia & Me—Free of Charge

How blessed the people who know your praise,

who walk, O Lord, in the light of your face,

who find their joy every day in your name,

who make your righteousness their joyful acclaim.Psalm 89: 17


Amazon doesn’t realize how much it delights my two cats. I should write a letter to Jeff Bezos and let him know that Amazon’s boxes and packing paper are Susie’s and Delia’s favorite play items. They don’t care what’s delivered inside; they prefer the box when it’s empty.

In turn, Amazon has managed to delight me–free of charge. Whatever we’ve ordered is inconsequential. Watching those two cats dive in under the flaps and listening to them grapple with the ream of crinkled brown paper is, uhm, joyful.

What better word can be used? To describe the utter freedom of feeling pure happiness. Unattached. Without want or desire. In a moment. And then, it’s gone.

God creates those joyful instances in the most spontaneous moments of our day. And like Susie and Delia, ever observant of their opportunities to pounce, human beings can hang tight to those graces, sing praise and feel joy.

Joy comes in such small boxes. Big ones, too. Be careful upon opening–the world is such a fragile place.

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