Finding a “Little Space of Peace”

Look, God is great, not disdainful; his strength of purpose is great…He establishes the right of the poor; he does not divert his eyes from the just. He opens their ears to truth and tells them to turn toward good. — Job 36: 5-7, 10

It’s so comforting to begin my morning with Susie in my “prayer chair”. It is a corner of the world where there is nothing but “good”.

I suspect every human being, when possible, likes to carve out a special space in the world where there is nothing but peace and good, far removed from the ills of the world.

When I sit in my “prayer chair”, there is no such thing as “news”, no Facebook, no adorable child sitting in the pew in front of me to distract me, no phone. Of course, there are always the constant thoughts which knock on my front door in my head and welcome an intrusive guest.

I would hope that even in places where I know there is little peace that people find their own “little space of peace”.

Susie and Delia have an unbelievable ability to carve out little spaces of peace. No matter where they are, no matter who is sharing their space, they manage to find a hassock or a rug and curl up into a ring.

I read about Kafr Nabl, Syria where once-family cats were abandoned in a war zone , but still managed to comfort the people who remained behind and found little spaces to curl up in rings, no matter what was going on.

If we all carved out our “little spaces of peace” everyday, how much more peaceful the world might be. If we all carved out those little spaces and put them together into one giant puzzle, maybe, those cats in Kafr Nabl would be curling up on a rug or sitting in someone’s “prayer chair”.

What if? Maybe. It all begins with your own “little space of peace.”

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