The 4 Morning Cs: Coffee, Calm, Civility and Cats

Bang! Crash! Boom! Not the most glorious sounds to awaken to. Not really the way I want to start my day. My preferred beginning–coffee, calm and civility.

Unfortunately, those can’t be guaranteed when you add in the fourth C–Cat.

Delia was up to her incendiary tricks this morning, knocking things off the dresser as seditiously as any Molotov cocktail. Not once, twice but three times until she insured I lifted my head. There was no ignoring her. Although Michael slept serenely next to me in bed.

Abandoning hope for extra sleep, I stumbled into the kitchen and met her demands–whitefish with tuna. There would be no negotiations. No peace accords. Only complete and total surrender.

Of course, this led to an analysis of myself and how easily I cave in. I really need to learn how to assert myself! But it’s so difficult with a wooly and winsome cat.

And then, there was a revelation–maybe, the best part of that fourth C is not having to assert myself at all. Oh, the wonder of being able to relax and enjoy the morning quietly with my two cats. The wonder of prayer and sorting it all out before I hurry out and leave those two peaceful beings behind.

How clever that Delia know that I needn’t spend that extra time in bed!

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