Cats’ Nine Lives

Susie and Delia are full of surprises–just when we think we’ve figured out their repertoire of tricks, they surprise us with a new one.

The world is full of new discoveries for them. An empty box, a new place to hide. The scattered remnants of my pocketbook, objects to cherry pick from the table. I sometimes sit alone in a room and hear an unfamiliar rustle nearby only to have Susie or Delia emerge out of the dark or from under a chair, with no intention of startling anyone. Instead, just quietly announcing, I’m here.

I think they must look at life with new glasses everyday. Nothing becomes ho-hum. To some, the confines of a house cat might seem pretty limiting. To them, our bedroom dresser, scaling The Sphinx. Every new box Fed Ex delivers, a delight. A matinee shown daily from their window perch.

Putting new glasses on everyday changes everything. Perhaps, that’s why they get nine lives and I don’t.

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