When You Can’t Run and Hide Under A Bed

Adam, had eaten of the tree, and the Lord God called to him and asked, “Where are you?” He answered, “I heard you in the garden; but I was afraid…”

–Genesis 3: 9, 10a

Susie and Delia are the most loving of cats. They are the kind of cats that greet us at the door when we come home. Michael calls them “executive assistants”–they supervise all of our activities.

If we’re making the bed, they are in the middle of it. If we’re watching TV, they’re next to us on the couch. If I’m finishing a report, Susie is sitting on the computer keys. Delia has even figured out how to turn the radio on in the morning in order to get fed.

So when they don’t appear, there’s only two explanations–they’ve done something they don’t want to own up to or they are afraid. It’s funny. I’m not a cat but I completely understand.

I can’t fit under the bed or find a closet door to slip behind–how I wish I could, but my basic instinct is no different from theirs. I like to run and hide. Not answer phone calls. Avoid difficult conversations. Deflect the truth. Pretend.

Since I don’t have the run under the bed option in my life, I rely on the only one I can when you’re fully exposed–prayer.

That’s why I rely on Susie to sit with me most mornings in my prayer chair and start the day answering that question–Here I am!

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