God’s Miraculous Rescue Plans—For Cats & People

Only goodness and kindness follow me

all the days of my life;

And I shall dwell in the house of the Lord

for years to come. Psalm 23: 5,6

Susie’s and Delia’s lives have been blessed–well almost charmed. I’ve often remarked that they won the “cat lottery” when they arrived at our house.

Granted, starting as a litter of kittens in a rescue kill-shelter somewhere in Tennessee wasn’t a great start, but someone was looking out for them when Michael and I chose the two of them from Petfinder and through a network of pet rescuers, they arrived in Brooklyn.

They have experienced only “goodness”, “kindness” and pampering since. Michael and I have experienced only joy, delight and a few hairballs.

When I think of a Psalmist inspired to praise the Lord, I don’t often think of myself. But when I sometimes reflect on the little delightful things in my own life and pause for a moment to appreciate them, the Psalmist in me wants to shout, too.

Thank you for the wondrous things that delight my day. For the comfort given me in these two little cats. For the many times, those littlest creations remind me to pray and distract me from tears.

There is many a day I wonder–who rescued who.

I rest comfortably knowing God works out some pretty miraculous rescue plans.

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