A Thanksgiving Recipe For Happiness

I will give thanks to you, O Lord, with all of my heart, Because of your kindness and your truth, When I called, you answered me. Psalm 138: 1, 2c-3

Thanksgiving Day. The official day prescribed for us to give thanks. As if the 364 others don’t count.

One of the nice things about being a cat—not following a calendar. My “inside” cats and my yard’s “outside” cats surely know the changing seasons. See warm sunny days shorten to cold grey January mornings. But on this November morning, they stretch and rise with the same sense of gratitude for the can of Friskies being scooped into the bowl in the kitchen or being placed outside in the yard. They don’t have to pretend.

Having an attitude of gratitude is a daily recipe for happiness. It might serve me well today to start gathering those daily ingredients and passing that recipe around when I see family and friends.

I am always thankful for those little cats who have their little ways of providing me with great wisdom and inspiration.

Blessings abound in the smallest ways if I can find a grateful heart.