Little Detours Sometimes Lead to the Greatest Delights

Bless the Lord, all you works of the Lord, praise and exalt him above all forever.” —Daniel 3: 57

I admit how easily I can get distracted from prayer and meditation. This morning, Delia’s impromptu hockey game caught my attention. It would be hard to ignore a fifteen pound Maine Coon crashing into the room with a clear ice hockey breakaway technique. Of course, she used her snowshoe paw to advance her “puck”, a plastic inner ring of a juice container which found its way to the floor.

Delia adeptly advanced the puck across the wood floor with speed and sheer delight until it was lost under an ottoman. The puck retrieved—she sped toward the goal.

I mightn’t have found any time to pray. Susie poked her head up from beside me and we both became spectators.

As Susie and I watched, the overwhelming feeling of gratitude surrounded me—what a delightful morning distraction amidst some dismal world events.

The little distractions God plans for me, the little detours that cause me to complain, are sometimes the times I can find my greatest delights—when I keep my eyes open to all of the wondrous works of the Lord.

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