Distractions from Grace Are As Natural As My Cat’s Naps

If this day you only knew what makes for peace–

but now it is hidden from your eyes.

Luke 19: 42

When I sit in my prayer chair most mornings and Susie curls up asleep next to me, she seems so content while I try and center myself in prayer and meditation to find a few minutes of peace before I begin my day. It always amazes me–no matter what chaos surrounds us–a renovation crew tearing a bathroom apart, burst pipes, blizzards or major political overthrows of governments–our two cats manage to curl up in a ball and find a place to take a nap.

I can manage to sit. I even can bring a cup of coffee and a prayer book. And then picture a serene cat posed next to me purring by my side. How could I not only think of divine thoughts?

Did I mention the impeachment hearings? Or my unopened emails? And then there’s that ping on an incoming phone message. What remains hidden from my eyes is what should be today’s path not all those other things swirling around in my head.

Susie stretches out her leg and remains asleep. Centered on remaining calm.

I forget how grateful I should feel–about being inside and warm, about getting together with my prayer group last night or about my daughter’s recovery from breast surgery.

What remains hidden behind my distractions is my very human nature which God already knows. As naturally as Susie likes to nap so do I look away from grace.

That’s why it’s always good to sit down with her in the morning and try to pray. Every once in a while, she actually gets me to do the right thing.