The New Jerusalem

“See, I will create
    new heavens and a new earth.
The former things will not be remembered,
    nor will they come to mind.
But be glad and rejoice forever
    in what I will create,
for I will create Jerusalem to be a delight
    and its people a joy.
I will rejoice over Jerusalem
    and take delight in my people;
the sound of weeping and of crying
    will be heard in it no more.

Isaiah 65: 17-19

A cat has nine lives, it doesn’t remember any of them.

That’s a good thing.

As much as memory can capture wonderful snapshots of our lives, why is it that some people hold on to those exact moments which aren’t so wonderful? You know the ones filled with shouting or arguing or the last furious text.

Delia indignantly runs off in a huff many days. There might be some people who’d dispute my saying that she gets “insulted”. She does. If I ask her to move off of what I think is my side of the bed, with a few gentle shoves and a little drama, she lifts her tail and exits the room entirely. She mightn’t return till morning.

But when she does, the night before is completely forgotten.

Of course, Delia’s a cat. I’m not. That’s a shame because so few humans remember to forget little things. Humans often aren’t so quick to come back.

Our lives are like Delia’s short trip out of the bedroom–temporary. Odd, that Delia can see so clearly that hers is better spent together than alone. Most people would tell me she’s just a cat.

How Could You Do That To Me!

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