It’s A Blessing To Own A Cat

If someone doubts there’s a God, get them a cat. Well, it’s probably best to get a kitten to start, but I suspect that most cats understand the complexities of humankind and could wiggle their way in to the most unsuspecting hearts.

Oh, I understand there’s a legion of dog lovers out there. I say let them jump and fetch. There’s a natural calmness that comes with age. Older dogs and older owners eventually learn to sit.

But God wants to be known and needs quiet time.

That’s why God domesticated the cat. Four thousand years ago, a cat moved inside keeping its own intent and demanding the people to follow. I’d venture that pretty soon after, they carved out the first rocking chairs and maybe coined the phrase,”cat nap”. Cats slumbered in people’s laps while hounds hunted food.

What cats had always known in God’s name became known to man through love. And when love follows, God is always there. There’s no escaping that understanding.

And that’s why our home is doubly blessed–we have two cats. Amen!

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