One Never Knows When A Cat Can Climb Into Bed

I’ve gotten used to awakening in the middle of the night with that feeling of someone being with me in the room–besides Michael rhythmically snoring next to me.

There’s many a night I had that sense of being under surveillance, being scanned by someone’s watchful eyes. Now, it’s a very reassuring feeling. I barely open my eyes and simply reach out to stroke Susie’s or Delia’s head who have taken a supine position upon my chest. They have alighted upon me to take sentry for the night.

It’s become as frequent a nocturnal movement as coordinating rolling over or shifting S-turn positions with a partner. I never imagined accommodating two cats into my slumber and now can’t imagine sleep without either one. What I might have labeled eccentric while cat-less now seems as natural as any other part of my day.

Yes, what seems odd from afar takes on a different shape as it draws closer.

What I judge today can change tomorrow.

One never knows when a cat can climb up and curl up next to them in bed.

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