You Can’t Teach An Old Cat New Tricks

My husband, Michael, bought home toy treat dispensers for Susie and Delia yesterday. These little hollow plastic balls with a cute little mouse head can be filled with treats and spun. They serve a dual purpose–work and play. My two little cats who have become addicted to little crunchy treats will now have to work out a bit in order to be satisfied. No longer can they stand at my feet and meow endlessly until I give in. No, last night, when that chubby plastic mouse was placed on the floor, Susie realized that I was reshaping the great art of persuasion and Delia quickly learned the advantages of her giant Maine Coon paw.

It wasn’t as easy to retrieve the treats from that molded mouse as from me. Delia quickly learned that she was more than adept at crashing her paw on its top while treats scattered across the floor. It required absolutely no finesse.

Susie watched her sister consume all two mice-ful from afar. I imagine she’ll be back to petitioning me at the counter later today.

Our two cats responded to those treat dispensers much in the same way I might a treadmill that offered Hagen-Daz. If I could figure out another way to get that ice cream, I’d probably climb a mountain to get it.

Many times, we are offered ways to better ourselves and avoid them as if they are going to kill us. Sometimes, we just can’t change old ways. Often, we’d rather stay on the couch.

Delia’s been feasting on treats. Susie’s been getting the few that Delia is throwing her way. That chubby plastic mouse is spinning on the tile floor.

(I’ve been secretly handing Susie treats every once in a while).

Truth is, sometimes, you can’t always teach an old cat new tricks!

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