God’s Reboot—Two Cats Changed How We Look at Life

April’s Fools! Well, a day after and Mother Nature has certainly played a joke on us–it’s snowing, the fifth snowstorm in the Northeast of the US in less than a month. The second day of April, a day after a beautiful spring-like Easter. Things in life–especially weather–don’t always come out the way we planned.


But Susie and Delia have taught me something about snowstorms and dark mornings and disrupted plans. Mother Nature sometimes isn’t playing jokes. She is only planning surprises. The problem is how I receive them.


When Susie and Delia came to live with us twelve years ago, I expected to adopt two rescue cats. Perhaps, feel a bit heroic for our effort. Have two pets. What we received instead–was quite a surprise. And we’ve definitely received a lot more than those two cats got from us.


Unexpected threads unraveling into better plans. God’s reboot. Not mine.


And ever since, I’ve learned more about expecting the threads of life to unravel. Susie and Delia always find one or two to pull and see where it goes. It has been so much easier to know that most of what I plan isn’t going to happen exactly the way I want it than expecting perfectly sunny April days and yellow daffodils. How much more I appreciate them when they do arrive.


Every morning, I am still struck by what an unexpected surprise those two little cats have been in our lives. How they have changed the way we look at things and how they have unraveled two adults’ plans. God’s reboot. Not ours.













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