The Lord Is Wiser Than Any Match.Com

How many are your works, O Lord! In wisdom you have made them all. The earth is full of your creatures. Vast and wide is the span of the sea, with its creeping things past counting, living things great and small. The ships are moving there, and Leviathan you made to play with. –Psalm 104: 24-28

The Lord delights us with many creatures. Of course, I am one of many who consider my two cats as the greatest examples of God’s wisdom.

The magnificent whale, Leviathan, is striking to behold but doesn’t fit in my lap nor comes to wake me. I marvel at the transformation of cocoon to butterfly, a Monarch flies away and isn’t very good company.

No, the Lord is wise and filled the earth with a better than any tech company could. Dogs with dog people, koi ponds with koi people, canaries with singers and of course, cats with all kinds of people.

God had to insure that at least one creature inhabit a space between heaven and earth. So cats pop up in almost every place–in deserts, on plains, in cities, in tiny towns, on mountaintops and in monastery halls–perched on fences or walking across walls. Mine are apt to be found curled up in balls.

Curious to watch. Calming to behold. Calling me to remember. What marvelous works the world does hold.

Early morning and two small cats equate to such great gratitude each day. How wise the Lord, in making all things great and small.

How grateful I am.