The “No Vacancy” Sign Comes Down

You have made known to me the paths of life;
    you will fill me with joy in your presence.’Psalm 16: 11

Every morning, Susie joins me in my “prayer chair“. It is the final destination of our morning path. Susie and I, like most living beings, have our routines.

She or her sister take turns jump-starting my day in the event that my alarm doesn’t go off or my eyes don’t notice dawn sneaking beneath the window shades. Susie and Delia usually accompany me to the bathroom under protective custody to insure that I don’t detour back to bed. Their paths are straighter and narrower than mine.

Coffee button pushed. Cat food can popped. My two cats sit patiently with joyful anticipation expecting only goodness and perhaps some treats for the rest of the day. It is only I pouring coffee with any sense of dread.

Usually I have already cluttered my day with appointments or yoga or commutes. So many people and relatives rent space that I could hang a “No Vacancy” sign, leaving little room for God, who I most need to move in.

That’s just when I follow Susie from the kitchen right to our chair. For just a few moments, with a few sips of coffee, a few lines of Scripture and few minutes to pray and reflect, Susie has me anticipating joy, too.

So many more miracles stop by when the “No Vacancy” sign has been taken in.

Sharing My “Prayer Chair” With Susie

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