Rest Is a Talent

Cat-napping? Or asleep? Susie and Delia will often curl up next to me, relax, yawn and fall asleep. Well, sort of.

They look like they’re asleep. Sometimes, they even snore. But if I look down occasionally upon them, one eye lid half opens, an ear twitches up. Susie lifts her head from one position to the next. Delia may look quite the shag rug, but she is not!

Somewhere underneath all that cat fur, I know there are hidden tattoos–Vigilance is virtue. Rest is talent.My girls “mouse” with the best of them, but they know when to take a nap.

Recreation isn’t something reserved for a weekend. It is necessary for the soul.

So when Susie or Delia curl up, breathing rhythmically alongside me, no wonder I find it so difficult to get up. It isn’t sloth that makes me hesitate. It’s talent.

Closing the eyes, clearing the mind and becoming mindful of today’s moments isn’t reserved just for cats.


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