Everyone Scratches the Furniture Once in a While

So when you are offering your gift at the altar,

if you remember that your brother or sister has something against you,

leave your gift and go,

first be reconciled

and then come and offer your gift. 

Matthew 5: 23-24


There are scratching posts all over our house.  I bump into them in the dark.  Trip over them when carrying laundry baskets.  Move them to strategic areas constantly.  There is a very tall lean one stationed directly next to Delia’s favorite chair. 

Cats love to scratch.  Our cats are no different. They have a natural instinct to sharpen nails for a variety of reasons but mostly for defense.  There is nothing more that keeps you away from a cat than the swipe of a paw with a very sharp set of claws.  Nothing more efficient for a quick escape than an exit up a tree. 

Delia and Susie love to scratch, but I wish they used those darn scratching posts.  This morning, I heard the familiar scratching sound as I stumbled into the kitchen.  Heard the rhythmic Guiro beat but knew.  Like keys not tuned on a piano, this wasn’t the usual sisal song.  It was softer.  Silkier.  Hollower. Delia was at the furniture again!  The two armed chair directly next to the sisal covered scratching post.  No! 

There’s something so much easier about forgiveness and cats.  Delia stopped, looked up at me and moved on.  To the rug.  No matter how many scratching posts, Delia remained a cat.  She’s not going to hold onto my yelling at her and I’m not holding onto her scratching the chair.  Hey, it’s just another day in our cat household. 

Everyone scratches once in a while.  Step over the little things.  Life is so much better when we let it go and move on.  

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